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Blessed product. The picture itself is 37 cm high and 28 cm wide.

Including brocade, it is 83 cm high and 58 cm wide.

More about Zöld Tara:

According to tradition, when Avalokitesvara began to weep upon seeing the immeasurable suffering of the people, a small lake was born from his tears, in which a lotus flower arose. When this lotus flower opened, Tara (Tibetan name Sgrol-ma="She, the Saviour") was born, the first female and one of the most worshiped deities in Tibetan Buddhism.

Tara has a total of 21 forms of manifestation. The best known of these are the Green Tara and the White Tara. According to another Buddhist tradition similar to the previous one, the Green Tara was born from the tears of Avalokitesvara's left eye, and the White Tara from the tears of his right eye. As the Earth Goddess, Green Tara represents the night, who overcomes obstacles and helps save people from danger. White Tara, as the Goddess of the day, is the harbinger of peace, protection and longevity. Together, the two symbolize the Goddess of infinite compassion, who works day and night to alleviate suffering.

In the iconography, the Green Vault is depicted at rest, but ready for action. One leg is bent in a meditative position and the other leg is extended, ready to jump. The Green Tara holds her left hand in the shelter-giving mudra , her right hand in the donating mudra. In addition, she holds a closed blue lotus-like flower called utpala, which symbolizes purity and energy. Her body is covered in rich jewelry..

In Buddhist religious practices, the primary role of the Green Tara is salvation. She is believed to help her followers overcome danger, fear and anxiety, and is especially revered for her ability to rise above even the most complicated situations. According to her followers, Green Tara is compassionate and can act quickly when called upon.


It frees you from fears, removes obstacles, promotes good intentions and helps ensure a sense of well-being. Reciting the mantra can be very useful, as it suppresses fears on the one hand, and at the same time fills a person with positive energy.

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