About me

Namaste, welcome to the Nepali products webshop!

I have always been interested in Buddhism, but it caught my attention the most when I met an energy sector almost 11 years ago.

Here, during the many courses and further training, I experienced how good the effect of meditation, falling over and chanting mantras is not only on the practitioner but also on the environment.

It was in this community that I first heard stories from people who had been to Nepal.

Being a big traveler, I have been to countless countries in my life, but there has never been one that attracted me so much.

I wanted to go here for years, until one fine day I finally got the chance to go.

I was not disappointed, in fact it caught my attention better than I had imagined. Although it is a very poor country, the people are still happier than in more advantaged regions of the world.

 But it wasn't just the people who enchanted me, but also the handicraft products, the science of which is handed down from father to son. Needless to say, I packed my suitcase and returned home to Hungary loaded with all kinds of treasures.

When I returned to Kathmandu after two years, I had a strong desire to show these beautiful products to others.

I was most impressed by the beauty of the hand-painted mandalas and thangkas, but the singing bowls were also quite unique.

Then I decided to take the plunge and create the online store, where I can pass on these miracles to people.

When I went back for the third time, this time for the purpose of purchasing goods, I personally selected every single piece for several days so that I could take the most beautiful ones home.

Since, according to the creators, mandalas and thangkas are just simple pictures without a blessing, we took all the goods and blessed them before flying home.

They receive and use them with the same love as I created this website so that they can comfortably choose among the original Nepali products to their liking.

Om mani padme hum.

Iratkozzon fel hírlevelünkre!