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Blessed product. The picture itself is 33.5 cm high and 26.5 cm wide.

Including brocade, it is 76.5 cm high and 56 cm wide.

More about Zambala:

Yellow Zambala is the deity of prosperity and abundance. The emanation of Buddha Ratnasambhava.

Practitioners of Yellow Dzambala receive the following benefits: good luck, moral purity, longevity, increased intelligence, and satisfaction of material and spiritual needs.

The story of Yellow Dzambala

According to the Sutras, on one occasion when Shakyamuni Buddha was reciting the Maha Prajna-Paramita Sutra, some demons tried to cause confusion. At the same moment, Dzambala appeared before the Buddha to protect him. The Buddha, seeing this brave behavior, asked Yellow Jambala if he wished to become a protector of Dharma and help beings. Yellow Dzambala accepted the Buddha's words and has been protecting the Dharma ever since, and if someone calls him by name and repeats his mantra, he comes and helps. If someone has a financial or other problem, they can repeat the mantra and He will appear to help. In order for one to receive his blessing, it is essential that one develops the Enlightenment Thought and performs one's Dharma Practices correctly. In this way, you can gain wealth, wisdom, intelligence, and even eventually Enlightenment.

His mantra:


The five prosperity deities Dzambhala are associated with Chenrezi the Thousand-Armed, and their Tibetan distribution is associated with Master Atisa.

The five aspects correspond to the five Buddha families, so there are white, yellow, red, black and green Dzambala.

Here we quote the mantra of the Yellow Dzambhala, which is the most well-known, most common, and most often used for achieving prosperity and wealth.

Iratkozzon fel hírlevelünkre!