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Resin sculpture.

14.5 cm high and 9.5 cm wide.

More about Guru Rinpoche:

Guru Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava in Sanskrit, was an 8th-century master from the city of Odiyana – in present-day Pakistan – who took the Diamond Way teachings to Bhutan, Tibet and surrounding countries.

According to tradition, he was born in the form of an 8-year-old child rocking in the cup of a lotus flower, which is also referred to by his name: Padmasambhava, which means : Born in the lotus.

As soon as Guru Rinpoche was born in a lotus flower on the surface of the lake, the dakinis addressed a heartfelt supplication to him, and this supplication became Guru Rinpoche's mantra:


After his birth, he was patronized by the king of Odijana. Even though he was already a Buddha, Guru Rinpoche acted as if he needed the teachings and had to go through a series of exercises to show that he came as a follower of the Buddha to continue his activities. Guru Rinpoche came to this world with great goals; generally to help the beings of the six realms.

"I came like a dream, and the Dharma I taught was like a dream. In fact, I didn't teach anything; everything just came from the needs of beings."

It is thanks to his kindness and fearless determination that the teachings have survived in Tibet for more than a thousand years.

With the help of peaceful and angry jidam recitations, Guru Rinpoche removed the obstacles preventing the spread of the Diamond Way teachings. He bound many demons to an oath to protect the Dharma. He founded the monastic Sangha. Thinking of future generations, he founded monasteries and hid many teachings in the form of "terma" (treasures) so that his disciples would find them in the future.

By the power of his blessing, his close disciples became inseparable from him. The reincarnations of these disciples discovered the hidden teachings in later ages.

The special feature of the terma teachings hidden by Guru Rinpoche is that they describe methods that allow all generations, eras and practitioners to achieve results.

These teachings have now reached the West, which irrefutably proves how much power, compassion and blessing is hidden in them.

When Tibetans need blessings or protection, their natural reaction is to call on Guru Rinpoche.

When one recites Guru Rinpoche's mantra or in some way evokes him, he should be aware that he embodies all his victorious body, speech, spirit, qualities and enlightened activities. Not only is his goodness limitless, but he can also quickly ensure his blessings and their fulfillment.

Guru Rinpoche himself promised several times:

"Whoever prays to me will receive the blessings of my body, speech and spirit."

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